: 2000 deville head unit install. base model ( no cd, bose, or nav)

09-21-09, 04:40 PM
My new caddy is a super base model.. no cd player OR changer, just a cassette player ( what the hell is a cassette? :hmm:) I want to see what im in for when installing a cd deck. My last deville was a 96 and already had a decent basic system in it ( deck, 2 amps, and subs) which cost the guy $650 in installation alone.. that kind of price make me think theres something I dont know about the difficulty level of this deck install? I have basic install skills, ive put decks and amps in 15+ cars over the years but no caddys or anything else tricky.

Will I need anything hard to find or will there be any surprise wires that need to be spliced in etc? thanks guys!


09-22-09, 03:28 PM
*edit to above question**

I have searched the piss out of this site and seen this question asked several times over the years, every time no real answer has been given other than "take it to a professional shop".. well... what is it that a shop is doing to install an aftermarket deck in these cars?

I dont have bose so theres no amp or tricky wiring right? Im not really concerned with the steering wheel controls.. it would be cool to keep them but if I cant oh well.

so.. how did those of you who have an aftermarket deck in your 00+ deville get it in there? thanks!


09-26-09, 09:57 AM
If you use the right interface, and have a decent amount of 12v knowledge, then it's not really a hard install. The only thing you need for the headunit replacement is a PAC OS2-GM32 or a Metra Axxess GMOS-06 for your car. There are others out there but these are the two that I've used the most, the PAC piece being my choice based on reliability. In addition you'll need a Metra 40-GM10 antenna adapter. Steering wheel controls will depend on the headunit you go with.

The interfaces simply turn the analog input of your radio's speaker wires to a data signal that the factory amp can "understand" since that's how the factory unit supplies signal. You won't have to splice or tap anything using one of these interfaces, it's all provided right there for you. Only thing that may be a little difficult is hiding the interface behind the radio as it's pretty tight back there depending on if you go double din or single din. If you go DD you may want to extend your wiring and mount it and the steering wheel control module under the drivers side of the dash. I usually go this route when I do a double din in these cars.

09-27-09, 08:01 PM
Thanks man! great info, thats exactly what I was looking for! :thumbsup: This will make things alot easier than having to use just the Ipod ( and its wiring harness tom foolery) and an LOC, this way I can get a cd head unit set up and run an amp and subs off the deck ( and I can still get a deck that likes Ipods :). where would I find the PAC unit? thanks again!


09-29-09, 12:04 AM
I found the PAC unit, theres a local audio store that is a dealer, since ill be buying an amp and subs at the same time Ill just order through them. Im going to use a single din unit so I should be able to mounte the extra electronics ok in there. From the pictures it looks like your method of elongating the wires and putting the control units on the drivers side lower dash would be the only way to get a DD in there.. pretty tight back there with that big block of a deck installed. again.. thanks for the info!


10-19-10, 02:41 AM
Hi Jay,

just wondering how your install went. I'm in a similar boat now and wondered if you had any additional tips/tricks before I get down and dirty with my own install.