: New "Rain Sense" function

09-20-09, 05:01 AM
Okay, so here's my own suggestion to Cadillac - a new option, and even the commercial that introduces it! Call it pipe-dream, call it fantasy, but I call it possible! :thumbsup:

Commercial start: Two executive types sipping coffee and staring out of the corporate office window.

(Pete) "Hey Bill, is that Tom's new car?"
(Pan and zoom to new Cadillac on the parking lot)

(Bill) "Yeah Pete, you know Tom - he's always preaching 'buy American'. When's he gonna learn that American cars aren't worth it anymore? Nothing special, nothing new."
(Cut back to Tom and Pete peering into sky, thunder rumbles in distance.)

(Bill) "Well, looks like Tom's in for trouble. All his windows are down, his sunroof's open, and it's starting to rain. Think I should text him and let him know?"
(Cut briefly back to Cadillac in parking lot, with first raindrops starting to fall.)

(Pete - with Pete and Bill back in frame) "Nah, Bill. He's probably tied up in that board meeting. And besides, he's always making us look like fools, isn't he? Serves him right." (Pete chuckles.)

(Cut back to Cadillac - with sunroof closing, and then the windows rolling up, one by one. Bill's voice heard incredulously. Close up on Bill's face.) Hey Pete, do you see what I see?!?!

(Cut back to Pete, with his jaw dropped.) Yeah. That's amazing!

(Bill) No, that's a Cadillac!

(Announcer voice-over)
"This is Cadillac's newest option, the "Rain Guardian". It works in conjunction with the rain-sensing wipers, and for up to 12 hours after you leave the vehicle, it senses any rain and automatically closes the sunroof and any open windows.

Many cars take care of you. The Cadillac takes care of itself!"

(End with zoom on Cadillac logo.)

10-01-09, 10:08 AM
That is an interesting idea, I think so anyway! I never thought of that, but that's clever! I don't normally leave my windows down anyway, but it sure would come in handy in such a situation.

10-21-09, 05:04 PM
Jeez, wasn't the '57 Eldorado convertible the first car equiped with RainSense, closing the top automatically?
It wasn't working perfectly, but hey, it was 1957!