: XM Radio Monthly Costs? Best Deal?

09-19-09, 09:15 AM
So my 3 month free trial is almost over and I want to know what the best XM Radio deal is out there to keep it? The car is new so signing a 3 yr contract is probably the way I want to go if I can save the most money. Also how do i get the best of sirius content? Any deals on getting the best of sirius for Stern? Can I get the "royalty" fee waived? Thanks

09-19-09, 12:31 PM
I did the two year deal. I am not sure if I will still have the car in two years.


09-24-09, 09:38 PM
There is a thread in the CTS 2008+ that has a long discussion about this. You may find it advantageous to wander over there!