: Corvettes of Dallas

09-18-09, 10:16 PM
Has anyone had experience using them for a tune shop? I was in there today (helping my friend buy a corvette) and I was impressed with their shop. They indicated that they do a lot of vette tuning. I showed them my V and got a few technicians out to look at it and they had all said, "Wow, we haven't seen one of these yet." I thought to my self, "Really?"

Didn't know if any of y'all knew those folks.

09-19-09, 06:06 AM
Can't say about these guys..but have you checked out Quality Motorsports in Lewisville. Patrick Sparks (owner) came from 21st Century Musclecars in dallas. Now these guys rock. Patrick just bought a silver 09 V. Check them out.

09-19-09, 03:55 PM
I dont know anyone that has had work on a V done at Corvettes of Dallas. SNL Performance in Ft. Worth is a great shop. It's a drive, but worth it. They have done a lot of work on the 09 V. They bailed me out when Quality Motorsports left me hanging.

It all comes down to who you like. Give a few shops a call and see which sounds better.

09-20-09, 08:32 AM
CoD says they have a well know tuner within the Vette community. However I'll warn you their dyno is a bit stingy. So if you do get tuned there, comparatively speaking the numbers may appear slightly low.

09-20-09, 10:06 PM
Ya, the owner was going on and on about his tuner. Says he's second to none when it comes to tuning LSx engines, though he's never seen a CTS-V before. (he's words not mine)