: minidisc - initialising

09-18-09, 01:27 PM
I have just got a 1998 seville . The radio and tape player work fine , but when I put in a minidisc it just says initialising then ejects the disc. I cant hear any it doing anthing , it just seems to wait a while.
Is it worn out? If so i would like to get a replacement as I have minidiscs.
Does anyone know where can I get one thats been rebuilt+tested , they would have to ship international as I live in the U.K.

09-18-09, 09:59 PM
Not sure if it suppose to play mini disks (never tried, never even considered) but if you suspect it to be broken (as in does not play regular size disks) then see this link (http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-tech-tips/179358-how-repair-your-bose-dash-cd.html).
As from where to buy…for UK I believe e-bay is your best bet.

09-19-09, 11:42 PM
He has the optional MiniDisc player. These are small CD's enclosed in a plastic case. I have one in the garage that I removed to install my DVD-NAV system. Mine wouldn't play either. These guys appear to have one in stock and say they ship internationally...worth a try!


09-21-09, 09:35 AM
Thanks . Thats the the same as mine .
I see they also repair , maybe they will be interested in a part exchange.