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09-18-09, 10:01 AM
I have been thinking about purchasing a CTS V, is there any reason to purchase a 2010 over a remaining 09? Did they change the V wheels for 10 like the regular CTS? I really like the 08/09 wheel style. About the only thing holding me back is I know I will have to buy another vehicle for the bad winter days in Michigan.

09-18-09, 10:16 AM
The primary reasons to consider a 2009 over a 2010 are:

a) if you want a track beast that is lighter, the 2010s all have navi standard and it's optional on the 2009.
b) You don't care about losing a year of depreciation.
c) Potentially lower cost of purchase of a 2009 on clearance over a 2010.

As far as driving it in the winter.....paging Short-Throw! :D
I live in snowy Cleveland and have already purchased my winter tires; when night-time temps get below 40 on a regular basis (November) they will go on. If you live someplace where they plow the roads on a regular basis, you should be fine for the winter on winter tires. We do have Stabili-Trak, after all!

09-18-09, 10:48 AM
I agree with winter driving shoes, I have pirelli sotozero 240's on my M5 and will use the same on My '10 V when it arrives. I had no problem through winters in Northwest Indiana outside of chicago and when I turn my M5 in I don't anticipate any problems with the Caddy in the same shoes( same size too which helps me)

Krug Ford
09-18-09, 04:13 PM
I have great deals on both...

09-18-09, 10:07 PM
I have great deals on both...

Great as in free? I'll take two please.