: 98 catera transmission?

09-16-09, 11:50 PM

Recently my catera is acting up on the transmission, on certain days while driving, the shifting from 1gear to 2nd only changes after it reaches 3000 to 4000 RPM and certain days between 1000 to 2000 RPm which I guess is the normal shift range. Does this mean that something is going bad or is it just some system malfunction? Any suggestions or ideas what could be the problem?

Thanks in advance.

09-17-09, 12:13 AM
Does your Sport light come on when it does that?

Any other symptoms on any other of the gears?

It can be controller or even faulty throttle position signal to the trans ECU...

09-17-09, 12:36 AM
no lights come on, but I feel like there may be some slip between gear shifts...this is not always. I'll have to check the throttle body and see if it needs to be cleaned up.

Could it be the throttle body or something else?

09-17-09, 10:50 AM
The transmission takes a look at what the driver is doing so if you are keeping the throttle open at a higher degree then it will keep the gear you are in until you relined or you back out of the throttle... Its now getting mixed signals and thats why its not quite sure when to shift so thats why I was thinking that it has some problems with the signals but you should get a check engine light of some sort.

09-17-09, 06:57 PM
Okay....but I do not see any check engine light and did run a scan with my scan tool and no codes showed up. I'll clean the throttle body and see if there is any difference.

09-17-09, 10:16 PM
Also do you only notice this when you first start your car? If so it could be that the transmission and engine rev higher to reach a certain temperature. This rev spike should only happen when you first start the car and going from first to second. If you make a stop does is return to normal shift range?