: Scott Cadillac Allentown, PA

09-16-09, 11:37 AM
I have a 2005 STS V8, certified pre-owned under warranty through 2011

Had most of my stuff done at Scott Cadillac in Allentown, as they are very convenient to my office. So far my experience has been fairly mixed with both good and bad. I'll just do a Pro/Con list.

1. Friendly service manager, easy to work with
2. Warranty items have been handled with no hassle whatsoever
3. Price matched Sams Club for tire purchas
4. Very good communication (calls with updates etc)

1. Car has a persistent wobble as if a tire out of balance, got new tires with alignment and balance, which didn't resolve problem. Took it back for that issue, wheels were re-balanced but still not resolved, this is an open item.

2. Had 2 warranty items fixed as stated with "no hassle" but in both cases I had to tell the service manager about the problem, even though it was obvious (for instance paint peel on the start button) rather than the technicians fixing it on their own. Not a huge deal, but I feel a Cadillac dealership should take the extra initiative to fix an obvious problem without being prompted.

3. Loaner car was a rental G6. No cost to me, so not a major complaint here, but again, shouldn't a Cadillac dealership give Cadillac loaner cars? My mom always got a Jag loaner when she takes her Jag in, and my brother gets an Infiniti when he takes his Infiniti in..

By far the biggest issue to me is the wheel balance issue... It is bad enough that I and my passenger talk with a vibrato at highway speed. Perhaps it is some issue other than wheel balance, but knowing it has that issue, they should resolve it rather than expect me to keep bringing it back.