: Flowmaster 44s Installed

09-15-09, 08:22 PM
So I've had these on for a while now and finally got around to posting the results here.

First of all, the drone inside the car with these was pretty horrendous. Fortunately, I installed a subwoofer in the trunk and ended up adding copious amounts of sound deadening material which made the drone almost non-exsistent.

I'll let the video speak for itself. I have not had a chance to video the car during some launches, drive bys etc. but I have listened to it in person while a friend drove around and it's VERY VERY impressive. I have also received numerous compliments from fellow car enthusiasts as well.

The total amount installed was $390, and that's with some stainless double-walled tips that look fantastic in my opinion. I'm very happy. And although I realize you can't go wrong with the Corsas, I only spent about a third as much. So there you have it.


Here's a link to the video:




09-15-09, 08:32 PM
Sounds great from outside.

09-15-09, 08:46 PM
Well done Tony. Thanks.
I believe that's the first I've heard of anything other than Corsa and W4M on the 09 (other than Jay Alvarez's custom Bonneville Beast system).

09-15-09, 08:54 PM
Sounds great!

09-15-09, 10:54 PM

09-16-09, 12:37 AM

Real nice for sure, especially for the price!

I'm still deciding what I want for my car? I just don't want it loud inside.

09-16-09, 08:09 AM
What is drone anyway? just a low groan sound in the cabin? i am not sure what that is? can some on elaborate?

09-16-09, 08:53 AM
^^^^ Yes. A low growling groaning type noise in the cabin. Very low pitched sound that seems to almost bounce around inside the cabin, usually heard at lower rpms and in higher gears.

09-16-09, 02:26 PM
Wow! Nice sound man.

I would definitely go this route, especially at that price point..great value and very nice quality. It's he dreaded drone man. It would eat me alive. My 08 Z06 with the "mild to wild switch", which as you know, opens the exhaust. This kicks ass and sounds evil, but fills the cabin with a goof amount of drone IMHO. Don't get me wrong. Worth it for the stop light to stop light thing, but living with it and the passenger discomfort in a sweet tight 4 door sedan could be a bit of a P.I.A. For me would opt to spend more on the Corsa's to have my life back again.

Your setup though, is most def hot!

Sweet color...Now debadge that CTS (very easy to do without mucking it up too)...just keep the V emblem...We/they/everyone knows what a CTS cadide is..no one really is up on what a V is? Keep them guessing about this S.C'd beast with only a V emblem and a Caddie wreath emblem on it. They'll be...what the $%#!! was that?