: Front hydraulic motor mount

09-14-09, 01:52 PM
My tech told me my front mount is torn on a 2002 sts... I found an "anchor" brand "front right" mount on rock auto for $40... is this what i need?

ANCHOR Part # 2896
Front Right

It is labeled front right and is the only one they sell... are there any other options?


09-14-09, 03:25 PM
Statistically it's the front center engine mount - the engine to cradle as opposed to the cradle to frame. The mount shown in Rock Auto is not the culprit.

Dealer item. The front of the car has to be up in the air, lower splash shield removed, maybe some wiring moved, and the engine blocked and raised in order to get the stud out of the engine bracket - or the bracket gets removed from the engine and the mount unbolted from the cradle.

Jake at NorthstarPerformance (97EldoCoupe) is the motor mount guru - he's developing a more solid alternative which is on the back burner for now......www.northstarperformance.com

09-14-09, 03:33 PM
i'd love to wait for jakes masterpiece... but i can't.... my motor is out now so i need to take advantage of fixing everything i can... what motor mount should i get? what brand and where?

thanks so much!

09-14-09, 03:41 PM
Cadillac dealer. Front (center) motor mount. # 25696073, Old price $115.35

Maybe, but a long shot, a big NAPA dealer.

09-14-09, 03:53 PM
my car quest guy said he can get me one for $80

car quest brand...

maybe the way to go??

09-14-09, 04:06 PM
This particular mount was a weak spot in this group of cars. The newer GM mounts (replacements) are a redesign. Lots of discussion on this last year in here. Others have gone with aftermarket mounts. This is your call. I certainly don't want to spend your money, but in this case, you get what you pay for. Make sure the Car Quest mount has a warranty.

Call Jake at Northstar Performance. He's probably still in the shop. (Canada.)

09-14-09, 05:15 PM
The redesigned mount has a heat shield due to it's close proximity to the exhaust manifold. If the CarQuest mount does not come with one, I'd fabricate one out of aluminum.

09-15-09, 06:18 PM
are you guys 100% positive this is not the front center motor mount? It seems to be the only one they carry... it says "right front" but it would be odd if it were the only one they carried unless it was the one that commonly fails...

maybe it means front right is front but right on the engine (since it's sideways) has anyone ever ordered this?

ANCHOR Part # 2896
Front Right


09-15-09, 07:59 PM
The mount pictured in the Rock Auto page is NOT the front center engine mount. The front center mount attaches with 2 hardened studs.

Go 'way back in time (2 months to 1.5 years of posts) and find the threads in here titled "Damned motor mounts". There are all sorts of pictures there.

09-15-09, 08:32 PM
That post is in this section and should not be too many pages back. Look for the :mad: icon to the left of it. That should make it real easy to find.

EDIT: One page back.

09-17-09, 01:06 PM
I think you need Anchor 3083 - incorrectly listed as a Trans mount in the Anchor catalog and also on Rock Auto


09-18-09, 08:38 PM
thanks tateos... that looks like what i need... thanks!

09-18-09, 08:57 PM
Sure - my pleasure! I had to get one for my 2000 DTS - it looks the same only it is a different part # - anyway, mine was (incorrectly) listed as a trans mount also, so I thought yours might be too.

There is a foil shield kit shoen in a TSB that helps protect the new mount, that if you want it, you need to get from a GM dealer - here is what I got 7/28/08 from gmpartsdirect.com:

Part: 15804790*
Description: SHIELD
Unit Price: $15.94
Quantity: 1
Ext.Price: $15.94

SUB TOTAL: $15.94
SHIPPING: $10.95
TAX: $0.00

Richard Moore