: Touch-up paint

09-12-09, 08:44 PM
The paint shop here basically said I can't get touch-up paint becuase it is a tri-coat..They gave me a little bit of a very similar GM color without the pearl..He said fingernail paint may be found in pearl white...

I backed into the trailer hitch and nicked up the bumper paint..no dents.

Any idea what would work for this? Would it be noticable?...Seems like messy rear bumpers always look awful.

Can I get just the center section resprayed at a shop and have it look factory..I don't want the light hitting the bumper and having it look like It was repaired..Can shops do that with this pearl?


09-12-09, 11:08 PM
Not many shops will cut a blend on a 3 stage color (our rear bumpers aren't even good candidates for blending), its best to repair the damage, prime, basecoat and pearl enough to cover the primer and clear the entire bumper. They do make touch up for the 3 stage paint. You need WA8554 (white) for the basecoat and WA800J for the pearl/clear coat. I got mine at the dealership for 13$ a bottle.... it just held me over till I had time to recondition my 2 bumpers. It honestly doesn't look great (touch up), i would spend the 250-400$ at the shop and get it fixed properly. If your in the NY area, shoot me a PM and I could get you a good price at my shop.

09-13-09, 09:25 AM
Is a shop able to match it to the rear hatch? I think it looks awful whan I see a car that had a bumper repaint, even a good one, and the its a little different from the hatch, maybe from fading ect.

09-13-09, 11:27 AM
White is a verrrrrrrrry hard color to match, if the damage is close to the hatch, you may want to find a shop that will tint the paint to match. Just ask the shop to tint it to match. Most GOOD shops can do this.