: Several Questions. Oil Change/Oil Leak/Springs-Struts

09-11-09, 10:32 AM
Hi everyone, I was just given an 01 catera and I have a few questions about som upcoming maintinence. I was wondering if there was a how-to thread here about how to change the oil. I tried using the search function but after 25 minutes I decided it was just time to ask. Also, I have a small leak what looks to be coming from either the oil filter housing (at least that is what I think it is) or a black rubber plug type thing right next to the oil filter housing. I was wondering if I took a photo of what I am trying to describe if someone here would lead me in the right direction as far as repair or replacement parts needed. Lastly, I think the springs/struts are bad as the car sits very low. Is this an easy repair as well or should this be done professionaly. My knowledge doesn't extend far past changing the oil in my other cars although I am used to just unscrewing a filter and draining/refilling the oil. Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance to anyone who chimes in.


09-11-09, 10:48 AM
As for oil change you need to get some tools from autozone...

I think you need a star shaped socket for the drain plug... cant remember what size it was but they sell them in sets of 6 or more...
Then sinply remove plug... remove oil filter housing... replace paper filter inside... and reisntall...

Then reinstalll the plug and refill with oil... thats about as easy as it gets.

Otherwise as for your suspension, can you take pictures of it...

If its sitting low all around, its probably got lowering springs...

If its sitting lo only one one side then you may have a broken spring...
if you have leaky struts then just buy some new ones, and then get a rental tool from autozone...

Struts are held by 2 bolts on the hub and a nut on the top of the strut mount. Another bolt hods the drop link to the sway bar.

You can swap out your struts and springs with just a few simple hand tools...

Good luck!!!!

09-11-09, 11:10 AM
Thanks for the quick response. If it stops raining I will take pics of the ride height. Also, I will take a pic of the leak I was talking about. I would to get that fixed so I dont' loose oil and ruin every drive way and parking space along the way.


12-11-09, 11:17 PM
How exactly does one unplug the oil drain? I mean, where is it located exactly? Please be very specific. Top? Side? Front? Is it a T45 Torx to be used? Also, I hear that the oil filter is located in the oil pan...how exactly do I get to the oil pan/oil filter? Please explain to me as if I were a 9 year old. Diagram or picture would be extremely helpful. If I find out I'm going to post a diagram or photo for sure! Many people are asking this question on different forums.

12-12-09, 02:05 AM
Oil drain is on the bottom-middle of the oil pan. Its a Torx bit so its some what special. I think it is a T45 torx bit but dont quote me on it. And no the oil filter is not in the pan. It will be on the drivers side of the block towards the back. Plus i dont think you would be able to pull the pan with it in the car anyway. But ya just jack the car up and secure it on stands and take a look under there. But thats pretty much where the stuff is at.

12-12-09, 01:34 PM
I believe the drain plug uses a T40 Torx bit. The filter will have to be accessed from the driver's side from behind the wheel. Have to get it off the ground pretty high to get under there. The thing next to the oil filter is the Crank Position Sensor- CKP, I believe.
For what a lowered Catera looks like, check out mine on the "Show off your Catera" thread or the "Suspension conversion" thread. I believe I have pictures on both. Also check out the suspension thread on "how-to" as well. CateraMV6 has a light drop on his Catera as well.
Good luck,