: front end

09-10-09, 10:27 PM
My 02 Escalade is lowered with 22's. I think that over time the front end is getting loose. Is there a list of things that I should get replaced to tighten up the front end. Where would be a good place to take the lade to get this type of work done (maybe an alignment shop, or shop that drops vehicles)?

I know this is a pretty general question, but was curious to see if any of you guys have experience with this.



09-10-09, 11:24 PM
I would start with an alignment first. Make sure you tell them the car is lowered. 90% of shops CANNOT AND WILL NOT align a lowered car because they do not have the time/specs to go by. The only way to align a lowered car is to do it all with measurements, not computer specs. I would do that first since its no more than $75 for the alignment at most performance/race shops. When your toe in/out are out of spec, it can easily cause the steering to feel loose if that's what you mean.

09-11-09, 08:06 AM
Aligment shop will also point out to you what needs to be replaced if components are worn out. They won't be able to perform the alignment if those are not replaced (pitman arms for example). Its a good place to start.

09-11-09, 09:53 AM
Are you still on factory struts? If so, how are they holding up?

09-11-09, 09:52 PM
Thanks for the suggestions. I guess an alignment shop is where I need to go.

09-11-09, 09:53 PM
Are you still on factory struts? If so, how are they holding up?

They are probably original. I have not had them changed since I have own the truck. Do struts make the front end feel loose?