View Full Version : 95 vs 99 Northstar

09-10-09, 05:04 PM
question- according to the poll, it looks like the 98-99 will blow the head gasket much more then the 95. why is that? I figure it's the same engine. did they change block material, design, head bolt lengths?

09-10-09, 05:57 PM
There are more 98-99 members in here ?? There are more 98-99 Northstars still on the road ?? You can read anything into that poll you want - an expert in statistical analysis could blow it out of the water.

Sort of like "This is a Ford forum - Why don't I see more failures on 1938 Lincoln Zephyrs?"

From the first FWD Northstar to the last, there are running changes, same as any engine run from any manufacturer. To try and pin a likely failure rate on any year group is impossible.