: Behe performance open house md,va, & dc guys

09-09-09, 10:14 AM
I just picked up my car this morning from BEHE Performance in Glenwood Maryland, and John (Owner BEHE Performance) told me that he is hosting an OPEN HOUSE for all CTS-V guys on Saturday September 26, 2009 from 10am-2pm. NO other cars or clubs will be attending...(GTO, Vette's Etc..) Only for CTS-V owners!

For all us MD, DC, & VA guys, we now know where to find the right tuner for this area. John and his team at BEHE are outstanding with our cars and performance mods. BEHE has a large parking lot and I am sure John will give a tour of his shop/toys! It should be a great time!!!

please reply below to this thread so we can keep count of who is coming out. You can also PM me if you have any further questions.

Below is the contact information for the shop:

BEHE Performance
2480 route 97 | glenwood, maryland 21738 |

2009 guys, sorry I posted this first on the 2004-2007 thread and forgot to post here, you all are very welcome to be there, I'm sure you'll have some of us drooling over your rides! :alchi:

09-09-09, 01:00 PM
I will definitely be there. They recently installed the Kooks headers, mid-pipes and cats on my V2. John also performed the tune on my car and I found him to be not only a great guy to talk to on general car subjects but one who is also very knowledgeable about tuning.

09-09-09, 03:34 PM
Hmmm. My schedule is open that day. As long as the daughter doesn't go into labor I will plan on attending.

09-09-09, 10:32 PM
I will plan to make it, great to have it so close to Balto.

09-10-09, 09:53 AM
Glad to see you guys will be there. All of us guys with the older models will be checking out your 09's! :) please spread the word with the 2009 guys you chat with here on the forum, we would love to have a really great turn out. John is really looking forward to this event. BTW there will be food and drinks as well! :)

09-21-09, 02:16 PM
Just a reminder about the Open House this Saturday! We would like to as many of you 2009 Guys there! :)

09-21-09, 02:43 PM
Just a reminder about the Open House this Saturday! We would like to as many of you 2009 Guys there! :)

I still plan on attending.......

09-21-09, 08:18 PM
me too. Rain or shine. Hopefully shine. Daughter made me a grand pappy last Saturday so I'm cleared to go.

09-22-09, 10:38 AM
Will most likely be attending (representing the big state of Delaware (Newark)). Just picked up new V 4 days ago and looking for future upgrades.