: 93 STS Lots of smoke after fillup

09-08-09, 12:36 PM
Recently my 93 STS started spewing white smoke out of the tailpipe. It started immediatly after filling the gas tank and restarting the car. There is no overheating or bubbles in the tail pipe. The smoke lessens after driving but never goes away and coolant is being used. I am totally confused....

09-08-09, 08:57 PM
If you are using coolant and the "smoke" smells like coolant, the head gaskets are leaking.

09-17-09, 01:06 PM
The funny thing is that it doesn't appear to be using coolant and with the mile of white smoke behind the car it seems like it would be.

09-17-09, 01:28 PM
Wait....In the original post you said you were using coolant...

White smoke = internal coolant leak, i.e., cracked head/blown head gasket.

Black smoke = rich fuel condition.

Blue smoke = excessive oil consumption.

09-17-09, 09:41 PM
White "smoke" can also be unburnt fuel vapor from an extremely rich fuel mixture. One whiff should tell you what it is and point you in the right direction.