: WTB 1979 teal Coupe Deville

09-08-09, 07:43 AM
Hey forum having some troubles. Well for one i cant figure out where the wanted section is so i thought i would use this regional one instead. Second issue is I am looking for the car that started my love for Cadillacs back when i was 3. The car later went on to be my first car however was sold before i got my license for a camaro......bad young decisions lol. Anyways this car has plagued me since i sold it and my dad just stirred up the pot the other day saying this is the car he wants among any car in the world. (this was also his favorite car) We own a small used car dealership and somehow had this car in our family for over 12 years. It started as a diesel which then became an oldsmobile 400 and something CI to end its time with us with a 350 olds engine. So anyways we want this car back and heres how it was optioned. It was a 2 tone teal in fact its the only one i have ever seen this color scheme. It had a bench seat with teal leather. Man what a beauty it was......anybody know where i can find one of these?

09-10-09, 08:27 AM

09-11-09, 07:49 AM
I don't think we have a 'wanted' section. I would post in the appropriate forum for the car you want. They'd be the best people to ask.

Do you want one of them or do you want the one you had?

Go to shows, ask questions, talk to local Cadillac club members, talk to local dealers, look in want adds, eBay, craigslist, etc. It's a pretty specific request and may take years to fill but if that's what you want then put forth the effort and go on a hunt.

If all else fails there are 79 Coupes all over and lots of people willing to paint. :)

Interestingly enough it was the 78 Coupe that got me into Cadillacs and I'm also on a hunt for another, but it has to be the right one. Extremely clean, extremely low miles.