: new owner impressions

07-27-04, 10:17 PM
Well I have had the car for two weeks and I now have calmed down and realized how lucky I am!

I babied it to about 3k 3500k RPM's tops. At 400 miles I did one of the most exciting things I've done in a long time. I took it to Las Vegas from L.A. This is a beatiful desert drive. Anyone who knows this drive can appreciate it because of the smooth, fast roads. But all the way their I babied the engine, while testing lane change capabilities and high speed bump absorbsion with the incredible FG2 pack. Anyone who is thinking of getting this upgrade, DO NOT HESITATE. I believe this is the best MOD for the price right now. I know it's expensive for shocks and there is a little tighter ride, but it ROCKS!! Coming home I took Cajon Pass, downhill at about 110 with no problems. Now this was downhill and the road is 6 lanes across going hard left for about a solid 1-2 miles IN the downhill turn. Changed lanes from outside right to all the way to the inside left lane at that speed with, NO PROBLEM, WITH HUGE DOWNHILL GRADE GOING HARD LEFT! WOW ! It was F-ing exciting!! I was planted and the car swolled up the road like it owned it!

Leaving Vegas I had about 780 and I gave it a good run all the way home. Turned a 4 hour trip into 3 hours with no stops! This was a special drive as well because the last time I drove a Cadillac to Vegas was when I was 14 back in 1984, with my dad and now deceased brother. My dad had a special black painted, Fleetwood 78'. This car was nice! It drove like a dream to me back then. Now, 20 years later I am back on my way to Vegas with a 400 horsepower Cadillac thinking about old times while enjoying and incredible drive in the desert. In a six speed Cad?....Ubelieveable.... Of course listening to my favorites like Pearl Jam, Led Zep and Rush music.... singing my ass off while cruising the beast was a lot of fun with all the power and precision at my call. By the way, the steering is incredible!. It tightens up nicely and speeds. Great response and feel.. didn't beat up my breaks much, don't need them on the way to Vegas really.

After hitting it pretty hard, it seems like the power is plenty off the line. At least this is as much the stock suspension can handle in the rear at 0-60.

If I were to choose betwwen, Heads w/cams, supercharger or Stroking, I think I would choose Heads w/Cams as Mallet suggests, FIRST!

Supercharging is great, but this car would need new suspension to be able to mazimize that power.

Stroking may be a good Idea, but this helps all RPM levels...

I think Heads w/Cams is the way to add power. The suspension can handle this power quite well at high speeds, at least with FG2. And as long as your not as concerned with launching and want more power in the mid and top end range it seems to be the better choice. Supercharging would probably be last, after HeadsCams, Stroke, new suspension, then supercharging. Otherwise I think it's a waste... WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS? :coolgleam

07-27-04, 11:09 PM
I've had my car for 3 1/2 months and 3900 miles. Besides the wheelhop problem which is not that bad, I LOVE MY CAR. (BMR Kit on the way)

It's everything I wanted and I think it's the bang for the buck. There's no other car on it's class like it, at least in it's price range. The reason I bring this up, everyone talks about the bad but for the people who don't own the car, they must think I wouldn't want that!! I know if before I bought my car I read all of this I would of had serious thoughts.

In any case any potential buyers, GREAT CAR NO PROBLEMS YET!


I've beat my buddy's 2002 M5. It's a tight race but the V prevails on the top end. Everyone watch out on the bottom end. First gear he pulls about half a car, 2nd v pulls up right next to him, 3rd is one of my favorite gears WOW it starts pulling on him, 4th little more pull top of 4th we let off. I was about 1 1/2 in front. He's a great driver so no excuses there.

Also a New C5 my business partner was taking the car for a test drive. We pulled up to the light and guess who we have next to us. I lean over to turn off all the tc. 1st gear I would have to say it was even 2nd started pulling 3rd more, 4th about half into it he had to let off. We got on him about 2 to 3 cars it was hard to tell because it was night. But it was an easy kill.

I thought I share that.

Rich H
07-27-04, 11:53 PM
I wish I had a nice long desert drive I could have used to break-in my V. My first drive was from Denver to Colo Springs on I-25. Pretty uneventful until I turned off onto Academy Blvd in the Springs and wound up at a stoplight between a yellow Z06 and a white SVT Cobra. I couldn't believe it. However, since I had less than 100 miles on the car there was no way I was going to race either of them - even though my teenage kids were in my car egging me on. I'm glad now (and so is my engine & rear end) that I didn't yield to temptation. Some day this will happen again - and I'll be ready.

07-29-04, 09:29 PM
Just thought I'd add my two cents. Ya the V is a hell of a car. I traded my Z06, which was like losing one of the family. I've had my V for a little over three months now and this is my take:

The Z06 is a knife fighter, if you want to get it on it was willing and able. Unfortunately, if you spent more than 6 hours on the road, you just wanted to end the day. This was especially true when I was doing extended interstate driving. With the LS6 Caddy, I've taken 10-hour trips and wanted to drive more.

The Z06 was fully capable of carving any curve or melting any tire, and it was beyond my capabilities (a man's gotta know his limitations, as Clint would say). On one occasion I went into a turn way too fast. The tires did not whimper, squeal, or protest. When I exited the curve I realized that if the car had slide at the speed I was traveling...well I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to drive the V. The episode was thrilling and scary. The V on the other hand, drifts in a controlled, effortless, and poised manner (like the car was saying, “I want more”). I currently have a left G meter reading of 1.08 and a right reading of .98 and I wasn’t even near an out of control situation. This car is definitely the bomb.

As my wife says, “this car is you”, ...and I think it is. :coolgleam