View Full Version : Exact oil filter wrench for 1996 Seville SLS

09-06-09, 11:22 PM
I bought a low milage used 1996 cadillac Seville SLS about a month ago and it's about time for it's first oil change, and I'd like to get an exact fitting oil filter wrench.

In my old camry, remember just due to it's location, yanking the filter out was a real pain since I couldn't get a strap wrench around it. Since I'm hopefully going to have this seville for quite some time, I'd like to get exactly the right one to make oil changing as painless as can be.

I'm thinking of something like this: (link removed due to spam filter; search amazon for OTC-GM-Oil-Filter-Wrench to see the product I'm talking about)
however that's for a 3.6 liter oldsmobile Aurora 3.5L V6 engine, not a northstar.

If this isn't the right forum for this let me know.. I'm kinda new around here.

09-07-09, 10:01 AM
I picked up a fram cup oil wrench for like $5 at walmart. Go to walmart pick out the filter that fits your car and then get the appropriate sized cup wrench - they work great. I do not use fram oil filters but it fits wix filters just fine - I also found that the same wrench fits the filters on my 92 S10, 95 cavalier, and my 89 buick lesabre.

09-07-09, 10:33 AM
Some of the filter cups will service 2 different sized filter bases. Either make sure your choice fits your filter base with the first cup size or you'll need to weld a 3/8" drive old socket to the outside of the cup: The filter base, slipping into the second cup size, pushes the socket drive out of the cup and is an unholy bitch to operate.

The same reasoning that you can't pull a spark plug without a deepwell socket.