: Do you have a *very* small vibration?

07-27-04, 08:17 PM
Very subtle vibration...70+mph. Not a steering wheel shake... I feel it in the seat, with my lower back. You have to find a very smooth road and have to concentrate to feel it... if you put you're hand on your seat or the passenger seat it's more obvious. I've had it since the car was new, and thought I would get used to it... it's not like the car-shaking vibrations posted in other threads... it really is very small...

Is this normal??

Tire pressures are fine, dealer has re-balanced the wheels w/Hunter 9700 road-force, super-jammy balancer (no difference).

07-27-04, 08:44 PM
Have a similar vibration in the 70 mph ballpark but I feel it ever so slightly in the steering wheel. Don't think it is my tires either. It seems to come and go so I've been thinking it is the irregularities of the road being transmitted through the chassis. *If* I ever see a nice, smooth road, I'll make sure to see if I can sense it.

Rich H
07-27-04, 10:30 PM
I also get a subtle vibration @ 65 to 80 mph which seems to come and go based on road surface. I have noticed it more recently after 2000 miles. Although it seemed to start after I rotated the tires I rotated them back and it doesn't make any difference. Before, from 0 to 2000 miles, the car was rock stable at any speed. I will get the tires re-balanced and hope that helps.

What is a "Hunter 9700 road-force, super-jammy balancer". Do all Caddy dealers have them?

07-27-04, 10:37 PM
Super Jammy Balancer (

Midlife Z06
07-27-04, 10:45 PM
I got it too, but I think it is an engine resonance problem at around 2000 rpm in 6th. Not tires, or driveshaft out of balance, or brake rotors. The resonance does not happen at 2000 rpm in 5th or any other gear just under slight load at 2000 rpm in 6th. If you lift off at that speed in 6th and coast, it goes away. Add throttle and it comes back. Feels to me like it is coming from under the front passenger seat. I noticed it also in the 99 Z28 and the 01 SS I had but I thought it was related to how low the engine RPM was cruising in 6th gear.

I'd bet an aftermarket x-pipe would make it go away.

Rich H
07-27-04, 11:18 PM
Thanks, StealthV. I checked the Hunter website and my Caddy dealer supposedly has one of these balancers. I hope they'll check it under warranty.

07-27-04, 11:26 PM
My conversation w/service manager:

Me: I have a vibration in the car at 70-80mph
Dealer: I'm sorry, our tech's can not drive the car that fast.
Me: That's fine... can you just balance the wheels on that Super-Jammy balancer over there <they had a 20 foot Hunter 9700 poster in the service bay>
Dealer: Yeah, ok we'll re-balance the wheels, but no test drives
Me: Oh, that's too bad <NOT>... i'm sure the balancing will take care of it.

Hopefully your conversation goes as smoothly :)

Harley Guy
08-21-04, 01:29 PM
OK, I will join the group. I have had my car for about 2 week and about 1,200 miles. The vibration seems to me to be right at 80 MPH. Not big, but now that I have noticed it, it is annoying. My preferred interstate cruising speed is a tick under 80 and this will be a bummer on long trips. If the wheel balancing or anything else fixes this, please tell us about it.

Rich H
08-21-04, 02:29 PM
I had all 4 wheels rebalanced at my dealer using the "super jammy - best wheel balancer on the market" and I still have a vibration at ~65 to 75 mph. Supposedly they checked wheel/tire run-out too. Odd that this vibration started after I rotated my wheels/tires at ~2000 miles and nothing now seems to help including rotating the tires back to the original positions. This vibration feels like a wheel balance problem including vibration of the steering wheel. I asked about the front suspension (steering knuckle?) nut failure recall on some CTSs and whether this could cause it - but of course they know (or admit) nothing until the recall is official.

08-21-04, 02:35 PM
Got something similar here. Starting in the 65-70mph range, a vibration and slight steering wheel shake. Don't recall it existing in the first few thousand miles. Seems to increase and decrease depending on the road :rolleyes2

08-21-04, 02:44 PM
I'll jump in here on this one too. I have the same thing at around 80.. Did it with factory wheels and tire and with my aftermarket. Very noticeable in sixth gear.


08-21-04, 03:32 PM
I have the same problem. The dealer went as far as changing my 4 tires for new ones! and 1 rebalance after without difference. Sometimes it the steering wheel shakes at the same speed that it sometimes it does not :hmm: Aligment is by specs.

What should we try next? :bonkers:


04 CTS-V
86 951

Silver Baron
08-21-04, 05:29 PM
I have it too. Try pressing the clutch at 70 MPH and costing - it should go away meaning it's engine related.
I understand it's a "dual weight flywheel" issue.

08-21-04, 06:23 PM
I have isolated mine to not be tire/wheel related, and not motor related... depressing he clutch does not help, turning off the motor and coasting does not help.

So that leaves:
Diff (?)
some other brake/suspension componant (?)

Temper V
08-21-04, 06:35 PM
Dreamin, exactly what mine was doing in addition to the 45 mph whine. Besides the whine, this vibration was another reason my rear end got replaced. I just got it back and I'm breaking the new one in VERY easily, so I can't comment on whether or not the vibration is still there at 80 mph (I will in one or two weeks...). The whining was reduced significantly, but is still there, call it 80% reduced.

08-21-04, 10:22 PM
I have this too. just noticed it on the way out of town (here now).... I also noticed a small and subtle surge if I rest my foot on the gas at the same spedd.. are they realated?



08-22-04, 11:37 PM
also noticed a small and subtle surge if I rest my foot on the gas at the same spedd

more details... meaning the vibrations increase... or a "classic" surge, car momentarily feels like it's speeding up? If the later you do that an intake??

08-30-04, 01:12 AM
Guys play with your tire pressure!

Did some testdrive with Benjet this weekend... at Ben's suggestion we raised my tire pressure way up and I spent the weekend playing with the pressure... varying from 31-32 hot to 39-40 hot... I could get moderate steering wheel shake to no steering shake at all... and from moderate vibration to *almost* no vibration. My car likes 37 hot all the way around... reduced my vibration by maybe 50%!

BTW, both our cars have the vibration... though on his car it's much less noticeable.

I'm back to thinking it's tires... but shane has it w/his CCW's :hmm: :hmm:

08-30-04, 07:51 AM
Is this issue on 2005's AND 2004's, or is this a 2004-only issue (based on what you all are reporting)?

08-30-04, 08:05 AM
My 2005 does it. Seems to have lessened over time.

Rob Ketcham
08-30-04, 05:47 PM
Just to get in on this one. I complained to the dealer but was met with the old we can't drive it that fast.
My V has 13,000 miles after a really good 1200 mile run last week where I was on varying good roads. When I had the opportunity, aided by my trusty V1, I played with as may variables as I could come up with. I have come to think of the vibration as driveline related. The vibration directly corrolates with application of torque at speed. I believe the durometer (sp?) of the rubber for the mid mount has something to do with it.
I have other issues that are more important right now, and I've been hoping that by the time the other stuff on my V is finally worked out that some enterprising soul would make up some stiffer mounting rubber or polyurethane for the center mount.
As an aside: A few years ago when I put a 5.0 in an old 245 Volvo with a two piece driveshaft I measured it and installed a one piece shaft. Of course it had a solid axle but it took care of the drive shaft whipping that had been giving me fits.
Rob Ketcham

Harley Guy
09-01-04, 05:44 PM
Mine is an '05 and does it. I have tried the coasting thing and it did not help. Feels like it is tires or dirve shaft. Only happens in a very narrow speed range.

Rich H
09-01-04, 09:56 PM
I don't think my vibration is related to the driveshaft. My vibration is coming from the front end and involves the steering system or suspension. The vibration didn't start until ~2000 miles on the odometer so it's likely something that is experiencing wear like the brake rotors, tires, or something in the suspension. I have tried increasing tire pressures and it doesn't help. Very annoying particularly on long trips cruising on the highway. Hoping the control arm washer fix might help.