: new northstar

09-05-09, 05:26 PM
hello! new guy here, Done a little northstar work in the past.....just picked up a 98 deville cheap.......now I know why! the little antifreeze leak is a nice two inch crack in tha back side of the block!! damn.....where to get a good used motor???? never heard of this happening...already did a deville with the head bolt delema about a year ago... did a oil pan leak on a eldo...that was fun...before I had a lift! now I'm blessed with a lift and was thinking about doing some head bolt repair and I got stopped in my tracks! anyone seen this before? time to start looking fer a motor I guess!!!! as of right now....it's beer thirty......:alchi:

09-08-09, 08:25 AM
Either pull the same VIN rating out of a junkyard Deville of the same model/year or call Jake at www.northstarperformance.com.

Remember, you need the same VIN rating because the two engines (8th VIN character - 9 is 300 hp/3.71 final drive, Y is 275 hp/3.11 final drive) use different PCM programming. With the Northstar change, 96, 97 is one engine; late 97, 98, 99, a bit different; 2000 - on, entirely different - both mechanically and electronically.

09-30-09, 07:40 PM
my 2000 deville has an external crack as well.... seems to be a new disturbing trend...

09-30-09, 10:11 PM
J B Weld!