View Full Version : Break(light?) switch around or under break peddle

09-05-09, 05:01 PM
My back breaklights aren't working. It's NOT the fuses. A friend of mine told me that it might be the switch. How do I change it?? :confused: Please, thanks!!!!

Sontov Hijiliak
12-07-09, 09:21 PM
If you didnt get this fixed by now... its a white switch attached to the break pedal arm- I bought one and did it myself- its not fun getting to- Im 5'9 & fit 165lb- so get a small flash light- move the seat all the way back then dissconnect the battery; remove the panel under the steering mech. and the black plastic shield above the pedals- look for a white switch next to at black switch connected to the break-pedal arm- dissconnect the ELE connects- and bust out the white connect. add the new switch, connect ELE & battery - and you're gtg.

12-07-09, 10:27 PM