: Leather Seat Bottom Replacement

Ghost Deany
09-04-09, 07:08 PM
anyone know where to get replcaement bottoms in shale for the captains chairs for the 03-06? cant seem to find them anymore. the shale SEM spray stuff is a temp. fix. after people start sitting on it, it eventually cracks. im going to eventually replace both captains seat bottoms, and eventually the front seat bottoms, theyre not as bad as the captains believe it or not.

09-05-09, 01:52 AM

Ghost Deany
09-05-09, 07:22 PM
yea but arent the captains chairs diffrent from the front seats

09-26-09, 06:07 PM
I believe they are. Also, what if I needed to replace the way back seat? They aren't the same are they? They should put a kit together that includes replacement parts for all the seats.

10-07-09, 09:50 AM
Has anyone done the front seat bottom replacement? If so, was it difficult and most of all how does it look after? does it fit tight? for $200.00 it is quite reasonable and the video on their website makes it look fairly easy.

10-07-09, 10:28 AM
I replaced both the driver and passenger leather seat bottoms a few months ago. They literally look just like they did when they were brand new. Leather matches perfect. Easy installation. I also went to gmpartsdirect.com and purchased new seat pads (foams) while I was at it. I ended up spending around $600 for the two front seats, but it looks like a brand new truck.

10-07-09, 11:23 AM
Hmm this is so very tempting. I am just going to be so pissed to have people sit on them again. I'll just tell my girlfriend that she has to drive her on car and meet me there. Lol

10-09-09, 12:44 PM
LOL, you got the new seat syndrome - wait til someone gets some gas on them hahahaha.