View Full Version : heater core leak or just hose?

09-04-09, 04:34 PM
I have a pretty bad leak all of the sudden. The leak is coming from were the lower heater core hose connects to the heater core. Its an external leak. No coolant inside the car. Its emptying the whole reserve tank each day. I'm wondering if its the core or just the hose. How does a bad heater core leak? Inside the footwell or outside like I'm seeing? And can I just crimp off the lines and bypass it? (Arizona. Dont need a heater) Thanks

09-04-09, 05:14 PM
Also should mention that the heater bypass valve is about a year old and all hoses on it are dry. So its def not that. The only wetness is at the lower heater core hose connection

09-08-09, 12:59 PM
So my leak is coming from where the thin vacuum line goes into the firewall between the heater core hoses. I assume thatmeans the heater core is trash. Why wouldnt it be? Whats the best way to crimp off the hoses so there no coolant going to the heater core? I dont want to cause some crazy pressure and have a hose explode. Which hoses need to be blocked off?

09-09-09, 12:29 PM
Oh well, Bars Leaks "fixes" yet another coolant leak. Pretty sure my heater doesnt work now but I really dont care at this point. At least I'm not spending $18 a day on coolant. Cant wait til my engine explodes from all the bars leaks I've had to put in this piece. Ha! So far, coolant bridge and heater core "fixed" with this crap.

09-09-09, 10:05 PM
I'm a Bar's Leaks fan myself. Poured more into the Catera over the past 13 years than I can remember. I nursed a leaky radiator with Bar's for almost 4 years before I finally had to replace it. So far, no apparent damage from the Bar's after 13 years and 105K.

'97 Forrest Green Catera

09-10-09, 02:51 PM
well good to know! At this point, $1.34 beats $1,000 (The Catera's usual repair cost for anything). I got an oil leak that is itchin for some Bar's too I think. Ha