View Full Version : Need good Cadillac service center in Mississauga Ontario area

09-03-09, 04:30 PM
I'm sure there are Caddi members in the Mississauga/Toronto area, and I'm looking for a referral to a GOOD cadillac service center. I'm in SWO but the Caddi dealer in my town does GMC/Buick/etc and treats every vehicle like shit. I've gotten my caddi back with grease marks throughout (tan leather), damaged trim when they tried to access screws behind plastic, and more.

Can anyone recommend a good caddi service center (GM) in the Mississauga area? Hopefully when that specializes caddi...I work in Mississauga and can drop my car off for service during the day

03-09-10, 07:34 AM
Sounds like you've had terrible luck. Grease prints on the leather?!