: Mudflaps???

09-02-09, 09:13 PM
No, I ain't got 'em!
BUT, I'm starting to notice on the bottom in front of the rear wheels I'm getting little marks from BLASTING around.
Anyone notice this?

09-02-09, 11:23 PM
no.. got a clear bra covering all that up.

09-03-09, 08:55 AM
no.. got a clear bra covering all that up.
Yeah, that. If I did it again on my V1, I'd do the areas behind the wheels...

09-03-09, 09:48 AM
Noticed it early in the spring. I too got a clear bra for the rocker panels, it's much needed especially on a black car.

09-03-09, 01:55 PM
Molded flaps might not be a bad idea for protection front and rear, maybe painted car color an option.

09-03-09, 02:28 PM
egads, no! Just do the clearbra...

09-03-09, 03:40 PM
Agree on the "egads, no!" comment.

09-03-09, 10:00 PM
Yeah, I wouldn't want mudflaps.

09-03-09, 10:44 PM
Funny you should mention mud flaps. I just ordered a set of Yosemite Sam flaps. They're the deluxe model with flashing LED's coming out of the end of his six gun ! I'm just going with the rears for now. They'd look way too gay on the front!