: Cadilac ATS Sedan Rendition (much better)

Lord Cadillac
09-02-09, 09:30 PM

Any thoughts? I think it looks pretty good... If you don't like it as is, what would you do to improve it? Personally, I think this would look perfect as a larger full-size premium luxury sedan... That's a darn good-looking car.

Lord Cadillac
09-03-09, 12:20 PM
Well. I'm disappointed to find that the ATS looks very little like this rendition...


The bottom rensition should be more accurate...

The Black Dahlia
09-10-09, 11:04 PM
These look awesome. I agree the second rendition below looks closer to what was debuted as a sneak-peak in the GM commercial today.. Should be killer!

09-29-09, 03:44 PM
I like the second version better as well. Although the wheels look like dubs!
Hope it doesn't have lambo doors!

10-03-09, 10:44 AM
That's got Acura written all over it. Kinda looks like a TL.


10-04-09, 12:25 PM
The bottom one looks better, but I think it looks awfully European. The way the body line has that fluid curve reminds me of a Mercedes CLS.