: 2005 DTS Twin Turbo project??

09-02-09, 10:50 AM
Hey guys I have searched and searched the internet but to no avail.

I dont have this DeVille, but it is a good friend's.

I have now had 4 twin turbo 300ZXs so I know a little about turbo vehicles.

I got new turbos for my latest Z and my buddy gets this crazy idea that the wants twin turbos on his 2005 DeVille with the 4.6L.

My basic question is this:

Has anybody produced turbo manifolds for this 4.6 northstar that is in the 05 DeVille?

If not then has anybody done anything similar?

Secondly, I have only recently seen the motor through pics on the internet and it looks to me like the foreward manifold curves back underneath the motor and that the rear manifold actually comes almost straight back and i assume they both meet up near there to join the catback.

However I havent seen how the motor sits in the engine bay and I am curious how much room there is between that rear manifold and the firewall. Like if there would be enough room to weld a turbo to a manifold and run piping to an intercooler somewhere else in the engine bay.

Which leads me to my next question, how much room is there in the engine bay??

This is a seat of the pants type deal. All he has right now are my old turbos which should be good for around 450hp on the 4.6L....

I have already told him, "this may be hard" and "this may be impossible", so just let me know what the deal is

09-02-09, 01:41 PM
This has already been answered elsewhere - exact same post yesterday afternoon up in Deville at 5:12 pm.

The operative answer is "No." No parts, no pipes, no manifolds, no exhaust, no engine management system, no room, no guarantees a head gasket won't blow quickly.

There is a late 90's Seville with a single turbo - a one off incredible project that came in at just over $15,000 three years ago.

09-10-09, 03:47 PM
Yes sorry about that, thanks for the info.