: No pcm data

09-01-09, 06:03 PM
So I changed out my heater core on my 98 concours yesterday as the weather will be getting colder. Pretty str8 forward easy job I was in and out in about an hour and half. Button everything back up and I see that the battery's dead....Charge the battery and after an extended cranking session she fires up. I then check for codes to see what might have been the cause for the "extended" cranking session and nothing. Driving home last night and she dies. Coast to the side of the road and start checking codes. Mean while the gear indicator lights on the dash all light up and start blinkin. when I run the diag a message pops up and says NO PCM DATA. Ive had a problem with the pass key system for about 7 months with no ill effects. And I'm pretty sure some of the codes are related to the low battery..but the others are current. Any ideas. the car has 218000 miles on it. Any Ideas sure would be great.

B1552h - Keep Alive Memory (KAM) Error
B2711c - PASSKey Open/Shorted Pellet After Good Key
B2750c - PASSKey Data Communication Failure
U1255c- Class 2 Communication Malfunction (Serial Data Line Malfunction)
U1064h - Loss of Communications with DIM
U1152c - Loss Of ACM Serial Data Communication
u1088h - Loss of Communications with SDM
U1040h - Loss of Class 2 Communications with ABS
C1276c - Delivered Torque Signal Circuit Malfunction