: Keep subs in place

09-01-09, 04:12 PM
I have two 12'' subs in the trunk of my DeVille, but they're not screwed down or tied down, I was just wondering whats the best way to keep them from sliding?

Thank you

09-02-09, 12:10 PM
You could use "L" brackets. You can attach them to the trunk floor and then screw them into the back of your enclose. If you attach them in the back of your sub enclosure no one will see them. And you can paint them black. Just make sure you do not screw them into the gas tank or through any wires.

09-06-09, 04:00 AM
Or you could use some heavy duty velcro. Works pretty well and only cost a few dollars.

09-06-09, 12:02 PM
alot of insurance cos will cover your stereo if you BOLT it down to your car thus being part of the car
i always reccomend doing this
be sure when drilling the holes though not to put one through the gas tank

10-20-09, 10:45 PM
since i'm only going to run 1 12" Audiobahn (its all i have, thats why only 1 for now) i was thinking of making a board that ran across the inner fender wells up againts the back seat and L-bracketing the sub box to that so the speaker can't move side to side. i think that if its tight enough, it should prevent it from moving back and forth too?