: No pcm data?

09-01-09, 11:33 AM
not really sure where to start.....I was driving home last nigh and the car died. I noticed that earlier in the day when I changed the heater core that the battery ran down for some odd reason. Charged the battery and all seemed fine till last night. i swapped the battery out and still got the same problem. The gear shift indicator lights blink on the dash. Ive had the pass key faults for almost a year with no running issues. Im sure some of the codes were set when I ran the battery down. Heres the codes that I have.
B2711 CURRENT - PASSKey Open/Shorted Pellet After Good Key
B2750 CURRENT - PASSKey Data Communication Failure
U1255 CURRENT- Class 2 Communication Malfunction (Serial Data Line Malfunction)
U1064 HISTORY- Loss of Communications with DIM
U1152 CURRENT - Loss Of ACM Serial Data Communication
U1088 CURRENT - Loss of Communications with SDM
B1552 CURRENT- Keep Alive Memory (KAM) Error
U1040 HISTORY - Loss of Class 2 Communications with ABS
C1276 CURRENT- Delivered Torque Signal Circuit Malfunction