: 96 Seville STS head unit replacement

09-01-09, 12:41 AM
does anyone know of any other cadillac years that can fit in a 96 Seville STS? My car is all stock, BOSE CD changer in the trunk with tape deck head unit.

someone is selling a 2000 head unit with CD & tape player, the dimension look the same, I just have no clue if it will work...

anyone some help please....

09-03-09, 10:11 PM
You mean like this:

Is your system BOSE or Base? You can tell base on whether you have or not a BOSE logo on the lower left corner of the HU display. The CD changer you are talking about is in fact Delco Electronics not BOSE (and is base on Kenwood design I think), is true the vast majority of the BOSE cars had indeed the CD changer (not so common for the Base cars – you buy a car with base sound because you try to save money basically so you don’t go for an $700 CD changer extra option).
If you got the BOSE logo then you got 90% of what you need. All you have to do is buy the HU (preferably ‘98-’99) and is a simple replacement (remove old unit and plug new one – all mountings are the same, size/shape). Then you have to go to the dealer to clear the VIN from the new unit (dealer or anybody with a Tech II scan tool) until then you will see a message on the HU screen “THEFTLOCK ENABLED”. Your original HU had no Theftlock feature but the ones starting from ’98 have-it. Now I am yet to test if the ’98 and newer HU is working with the ‘96-’97 RIM, it should but if is not you have to change that too (same shape, same connector same function –just plug and play). The RIM does not require the VIN thing, just the HU.
If you don’t have BOSE, well unless you are a darm good stereo installer I would advise you to let it be. You have to change everything that has to do with the sound system wiring (probably a car stereo shop will charge you around $2000 for the labor alone if you can find one that is able to handle this job). Also you have to change all speaker and add the RIM a fuse and some relays.
Should you go that route, I can help you with wire lengths, pins, diagrams, basically all you need. See my BOSE conversion thread here (http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-seville-cadillac-eldorado-forum/161811-stock-bose-conversion.html).

09-04-09, 12:58 AM
yup... my typing sucks and I kind of rushed the thread,

it's a BOSE head unit with a Delco 12 disc changer in the trunk. You mentioned the changer is Kenwood based? I need replacement disc sleeves and having fun finding some.

98-99 had units will fit huh...that's music to my ears sir, I really want to load disc's while driving instead of poping the trunk all the time. does the 98-99 unit play MP3's recordings? off hand does anyone else know of other years that will fit?

I dont have a "Tech II scan tool" and most likely will have to go to the dealer...unless anyone else know how to clear the “THEFTLOCK ENABLED”.

after the swap-up will I be able to control the stereo functions from my steering wheel?

and does anyone know if there is any type of trunk replacement cd changer that can play MP3's?

09-04-09, 10:25 AM
I dont have a "Tech II scan tool" and most likely will have to go to the dealer...unless anyone else know how to clear the “THEFTLOCK ENABLED”.

Save yourself some money and take the car to a Chevy dealer instead of a Cadillac dealer. The shop charges an hour of labor to do the job (must be the minimum chargeable) and the Chevy dealer here was $51 and the Caddy dealer was $100.

09-04-09, 07:19 PM
If you will have one Tech II Scan tool you would be to talk of the town as it cost couple grand. There is NO way around the Theft Lock unless you buy the HU brand new (never installed in any car, once installed is locking on that car’s VIN). The sleeves are CHEAP, any dealer should have them (might be forced to buy an entire magazine for a cool $20 or so). Alternatively check the wreck yards you should be able to find some almost for free.
No, none of the units installed in Seville/Deville/Eldorado (before 2004) had mp3 capability. Even the DVD based NAV units were not able (witch is so stupid). But you can burn whatever CD you like as a CDA format (i.e. Music CD) and will work just fine (only you can only stuck 16 or so songs per disk).
After the swap your unit will work just like the one you got right now, steering wheel controls, drivers memory, etc. in fact you gain some functions like RDS radio.
Myself I went to the Cadillac dealer for the VIN thing, they told me is impossible and will not work but they will try. 15 minutes later the service manager came with a long face and he told me that their expert tried everything at no avail (in fact he told me the HU can not be communicated with as if I would have an wiring issue witch was impossible since the clock was working). I was not charged but he recommended me a Cadillac stereo shop across the town. I called and when I told the guy that I have installed a BOSE stereo in a non BOSE car he keep me a 10 minutes speech of why I should have not done that. He told me there is no point to drive all the way down there because what I am trying to do is impossible. I insisted so he kind of reluctantly accepted “yeah sure is your time but I am telling you, we can try but is not going to work”. So I went they put me again in the waiting room like I was some house wife and 10 minutes later he came with the “I told you so” look. I tried to explain what I was unable to do to the Dealership, “sir listen to me, I an trying to explain you what to do, you need to log to the car as a ‘98 or newer (any model)…”. Eventually slightly confused he invited me inside the shop and asked the technician who was just wrapping up the Tech tool to connect it one more time. Basically they were trying to clear the VIN from a ’97 HU and obviously the tool was showing an error (there is no such thing). So I told the guy to build a ’98 or ’99 Eldorado (or any other model except Catera) and baam, a song started!
Then the guy explained me how in his brilliantnece he built the car as a ‘99 STS not a ’97 STS and how this fixed the problem. At this time I was the confused one…”didn’t I just told you that!” but I was too happy to care. And they only charged me $44+TAX witch was way too reasonable, I could not care less what they charged me at that point any way.
But a word of caution, I have yet to test if the ’96-‘97 RIM works with the ’98 and up HU. I am 90% sure it will work (in fact the functions are the same) but the part numbers are different for some reasons (anything else is the same). So if you have issues with the RIM you have to upgrade to ’98 and newer.
As for the CD changer with mp3 capability…well there was one plug and play. It was called Neochanger, it was 10 disks only and was sold for around $260 few years ago. The company disappeared from some reason…good luck in finding a used one there are very rare.