: Looking for North San Diego transmission work

08-31-09, 08:22 PM
I have the infamous p0741 and p1860 SES codes on my 2002 Deville and just got the dreaded $3,000 estimate. Car is shifting fine. Only noticeable problem is the SES light on and a couple miles per gallon in lost gas mileage. Can anyone recommend a good place to get the TCC solenoid fixed around San Diego/Orange county? Thanks

09-01-09, 12:24 PM
I'm hoping someone can steer me to a good shop. But at least with the info from here I can 'let my fingers do the walking' and try talking to a few more local shops and see if someone sounds less likely to bend me over.

09-01-09, 07:58 PM
After being told by two local shops why they need me to drop 2400-3000 into the tranny and the t.c. and the awful viscous fluid that Cadillac uses without even seeing my car and one who looked at it and said 2400-3000, I found a guy who knew what I was talking about- 'Discount Transmission and Axle' on Oceanside blvd. Got a 750 labor quote and can't wait to see if reading these forums earned me about 2000 dollars!!!
Thanks to all of you out there!

Also I did the 50mph break test with mixed results. One time for sure I saw about a 200rpm jump but many times I didn't.