: Anyone else rather have an oil pressure gauge...

08-29-09, 02:53 PM
...in place of the boost gauge? :duck:

Yes, we have a digital one, but I like having the odometer/compass readout up there too. I mean, how much value does the boost gauge actually bring if boost isn't adjustable from the cockpit? Do we need to know how much boost we're making at any given moment any more than, say, how much ignition timing we're pulling?

It'd also be cool if the water temp gauge were switchable to read out oil temp instead :)

08-29-09, 03:14 PM
To me, the boost gauge is worthless. When I am standing on it, I am paying attention to other things and getting the rush!!!

08-30-09, 12:24 PM
I'd rather have an Oil Pressure and A/F ratio guages than the present boost guage. The boost should be adjustable and I would prefer the guage mounted a little higher on the dash or incorporated into the NAV screen in a digital like display that can be called up at a touch of a button or screen selection.

08-30-09, 05:01 PM
i'm waiting to see some aftermarket offerings, to pile up on the A pillar.

08-30-09, 10:39 PM
What we really need is for people to write applications for the NAV screen (and processors) just like the app. store for the Apple iPhone. That way we could buy and install a vast variety of instruments clusters, note pads, calculators, screen savers etc. etc.

How cool would that be? Hey - new GM are you listening?


08-31-09, 08:17 AM
I second the comment on the Air/Fuel meter. Those of us that have cut our teeth on supercharged engines live by that ratio.

I think the "G" meter is another one of those things that I would never look at when it was moving to its extremes:eek::eek:

08-31-09, 06:57 PM
The G-meter is cool - but you can't look at it when cornering!