: New brakes squeaking a lot- HELP!

06 ESV
08-29-09, 04:38 AM
I recently changed the rear brakes on my 2006 ESV. I put a set of new rotors and pads so i was starting fresh since the old rotors had been re-cut already once. Now every time I hit the brakes, they makes this horrible squealing sound. I thought maybe they were a little dirty (cleaned all the parts with brake cleaner before installing them) so I hit them with some more brake cleaner last week. Still squeaking. Anyone have any input on this?

08-29-09, 04:32 PM
Had a look at the service manual, not much info on squealing brakes... I found there is a proper orientation of the brake pads for even wear that I didnt know about, but that's for 2WD models. I replaced mine recently, including park brake shoes, no special issues. I would check the backing plates. Maybe they are just a little close to the disc and make contact upon braking? Did the pads come with noize shim pads? Was the edge of the leading end of the pad filed at an angle? Nothing worse than squealing brakes to attract unwanted attention from pedestians!

08-29-09, 10:19 PM
I always put some brake quiet on all points of contact between caliper and backing plates on pads. Works well.

08-29-09, 10:28 PM
Agree about the sqeek lube between the pad and the caliper. Never ever had an issue, and besides its inexpensive lol
Let us know if it worked.

06 ESV
09-12-09, 12:23 AM
UPDATE- I removed the shims that came with the pads, took the pads off and cleaned the backing and sprayed them with some permatex brake quiet spray. It helped, but not enough. Just to mention I installed new EBC sport rotors (dimpled and slotted) and a set of EBC Green stuff 6000 pads. Anything else I should check?

06 ESV
09-15-09, 07:20 PM
ttt- Anyone have any insight as to why these are still squeaking?

09-15-09, 08:45 PM
Are your pads ceramic?