: 2005 Escalade Driving Light Replacement?

08-29-09, 03:41 AM
Hello , My Drivers side Driving light on my Escalade went out and I would like to replace it-- is there a trick to change these or do you need special tool-- Can some one explain how to change and is bulb something special or can i just pick up at a car parts store?

08-29-09, 04:12 PM
Very easy job to do, no tools required! Headlight assembly is held in place with 2 metal pins. They turn and slide out, then you need to wiggle the assembly outta there. Bulb is a regular GM issue unit, available anywhere. Owners manual has pics of the procedure as well as part number for the bulb.

08-29-09, 10:23 PM
4114k is the replacement bulb you need.

08-29-09, 10:42 PM
I would replace both driving lights...if one went, the other is not usually far behind

Back2Basic (B2B)
08-30-09, 12:12 AM
Hello There,

This is what I did when I changed bulbs on my 05 Escalade ESV. It'll make it a little easier by not having to worry about breaking or scratching anything around the headlight assembly. Also, this is the best time to clean out the front of the radiator and surrounding area by hosing it off with water. Don't be surprised if you find all kinds of "road kill" in there.

1st, remove the radiator cover. It's held down by (8) 2-part plastic pins. Stick a flat head screwdriver in the slot of the top pin (1st part) and push it up half way, then push up on the bottom pin (2nd part) and remove both plastic pins together. The radiator cover will lift up in one piece when all 8 pins have been removed. Reverse this step when you put the cover back.

2nd, remove the grill. It's held down by (1) 11mm bolt in the center and 2 snap on clips on top corners. The clips should be pulled out carefully but firmly and straight towards you, as they can break the plastic piece of the grill. Then, pull up and out on the entire grill and the whole assembly will come out. Reverse this step when you put the grill back.

3rd, unlock the headlight assembly. They are held in place with 2 metal pin rods that looks like an "L". It's easier if you remove the side pin before removing the top pin. The pins generally turn and slide out but can be a little tough to come out if it's dirty or rusty. Use some lubrication if it's tough coming out. Mine was a little tough so after I removed it, I cleaned it, sprayed it with white grease, before putting it back in. Should make it easier to remove the next time. Reverse this step when putting the headlight assembly back.

4th, remove the headlight assembly. Pull the whole headlight assembly towards you. Behind the assembly there are two large, black, round rubber caps. It's a good idea to wipe around these caps so that none of the dirt surrounding it would fall into the headlight assembly when you pull the caps off. If it's the running bulbs you're replacing, remove the top cap. If it's the parking light bulbs, remove the bottom cap. Reverse this step when putting it back.

5th, remove the bulb/socket. Reach into the access hole and turn the bulb socket 1/4 turn to the left and pull it out. You should be able to access the bulbs. I generally don't touch any bulbs with my bare hands, but if I do, I'll wipe it down with rubbing alcohol. Reverse this step after you change the bulb.

OEM Running Bulbs: #4114, available at any auto part store or Walmart.
OEM Parking Bulbs: #3157, available at any auto part store or Walmart.

And that's it. It's easier than what it sounds like. You just have to be careful with the plastic parts. Best thing to do is to take your time when doing it for the first time. I also recommend changing bulb on both side like "oldworld" said.

Hope this helps,

10-02-13, 03:50 PM
Thanks, Was a huge help.

the cadillac man
10-02-13, 08:17 PM
Also the low beams are D1R