: Sick 3.0L Exhaust Clip

08-29-09, 03:49 AM
YouTube - omega v6 exahust

Not much is said in the description but this is either 2.5/2.6 or 3.0/3.2L motor... out of the Omega... exact copy of the one in the Catera...

08-30-09, 12:40 AM
wow....sounds like mine but a little bit better!! i'd like to know how fast thier goin' looks like 100+

08-30-09, 03:05 AM
wow....sounds like mine but a little bit better!! i'd like to know how fast thier goin' looks like 100+

Maybe 100 KPH but not MPH. The noise just makes it seem fast. He never has a straight long enough to get over 60 MPH until the end. He lifts before every turn. He's probably braking too. There are at least 3 turns that are little more than slight bends in the road that, with faith his tires, he could take flat out. At least that's how I'd do it. His shifts are sloppy too. That's assuming it's a 5 speed since my tranny doesn't shift like that.

Turn 1 > (Sharp Left) Just after pulling out of his parking space, he hasn't accelerated to the point where he has to lift completely for the turn. No power to the rear wheels creates a push (understeer) condition. Keeping some power through the turn helps brings the rear around (oversteer) setting up the exit. Gradually feeding more power at the apex finishes the turn.

Turn 2 > (Right Kink) The next turn could be taken without lifting at all. Trust the tires.

Turn 3 > (Sharp Left) Maintain straightaway speed as long as you dare then brake straight and hard before entering turn. Release brake, gradually applying throttle around the apex to bring the rear around (oversteer). Feed her more throttle past the apex all the way to the exit. No need to cross the centerline. Be careful not to give her too much or she'll swap ends.

Turn 4 & 5 > Two more kinks which could've been taken faster leading to what appears to be a long straight until vid ran out.

08-30-09, 05:55 PM
Man, I can't wait to get a video camera... :D

08-31-09, 12:26 AM
Man, I can't wait to get a video camera... :D

Man I cant wait for you to get a video camera so I can hear your beast... You have been teasing me long enough as it is...

Mine is no where nearly as loud as that... in fact its fairly quite and only rumbles in the 2-3k under load... then it quiets down for those high speed sprints... or at least it seems so from inside the car... I have never had anyone else drive or listen to the car at higher speeds to tell me what they hear...

Either way this was a fun little video, and the sounds of that car sure can make a grown up man feel warm and cozy on the inside... < this may have come out gay but I loved watching that thing over and over again..

09-04-09, 02:35 PM
That actually doesnt sound half bad. I was quite suprised by it. Now can anyone tell me how to get a catera to sound like this??

:lol: That may be a little tough to pull off haha