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08-28-09, 07:30 PM
So, I just found this in my desk, after getting it out of my car probably a month ago, and meaning to ask about it.

I have a small little Cadillac branded basic calculator, but mine doesn't work. I assume it came in the owner's manual of the car, because when I ebay'd it, that's where I found them for a DeVille. I can't get my owner's manual out, since it's at my house 300 miles south of me, lol

But I was wondering if anyone knew what they were put there for? Like was it something along the lines of the gold key program? Should my car have gold keys too? Etc. etc. Or if anyone knows where you can buy them, because I think it's kind of cool.

Looks like this:

08-28-09, 09:15 PM
Yes your car should have had gold keys. Usually they don't transfer from the original owner(s) so second hand Cadillac owners don't get to enjoy them. You can get a set from eBay if you know the code (there should be letter stamped into the head of each key). They're usually $10-20+ shipping for a set of four blanks in a Cadillac logoed case (just like you would have had when the car was new).

The calculator was probably there for the traveling business man who frequently tallies up sales figures while on the road. It sounds a little irrational, but at the time your Fleetwood Brougham was new, it was only affordable to business professionals. In actuality, the calculator was probably used three or four times to figure out how much the salesman lied about the fuel efficiency. It was an added amenity to say "Cadillac" one more time and add an air of sophistication and elegance to the glove box; anything to put them ahead of Lincoln

08-28-09, 09:33 PM
Well I saw the gold keys for sale here on the forum, I thought they were pretty cool.

lol at your fuel efficiency joke. That's pretty classic. Thanks for the answer, I thought it was a pretty interesting little thing to find though. :)

08-30-09, 05:03 AM
Yes your car should have had gold keys. Usually they don't transfer from the original owner(s) so second hand Cadillac owners don't get to enjoy them.

I have the original gold keys for my 1991, and I am the 3rd owner. I had an extra set of keys made, but I still keep the gold ones on my key chain cause they look cool. They have a little bit of a patina on them, but that kind of adds to the character.

08-30-09, 04:44 PM
im the second owner of my 1995 fleetwood and i have the gold keys. i dont know how many people owned my 1968 deville but i have the gold keys to that too. they are worn alot but i still have them

08-30-09, 05:13 PM
I'm the 3rd owner of this car. My cousin who owned it before me, if he even ever had the gold keys, I can guarantee you they're lost. lol

08-30-09, 08:26 PM
According to Carfax, I'm like the third owner and I got set of two slightly gold keys with a bent ignition key. I also got the Gold Key delivery systems recite, the original warranty book, tire book (Uniroyal Gold Stripe pamphlet), Cadillac Roadside Assistance card, a copy of the first owner's title, and the second owner's Crest Club Card, all wedged in the owner's manual.