View Full Version : White screen of death...please help

08-28-09, 11:09 AM
Hello all...2003 escalade ESV, non touch navigation radio...just bought this vehicle..the nav when powered on has a lit up white screen...no logo/nothin...but do have sound and can still play cd's out of changer and head unit...

called the dealer and they said to reset the logic lock by holding both positive and negative battery cables together for 10 sec and then hook back up to battery...this didn't work...:mad:

the vehicle had set for a couple of months and was deader than a hammer...got new battery in it now... any ideas?


08-28-09, 11:41 AM
To reset the head unit I would unplug it harnes and, on the radio side, ground off the pin that corresponds to Red (constant 12V and Yellow IGN to ground).

I hope this works.. realistically... When the new battery was installed, there was probably a power surge that zapped the head unit.. :( I have never seen one lock like that..

08-30-09, 08:28 PM
Thanks for the extra info...will have to try that...dealer said that it might be logic lock and to touch pos and negative cables together for 20 sec (with all doors closed) and hook back up and then start vehicle...tried that...didn't work...but then found out since we hadn't ran vehicle long the system probably wasn't charged up enough...we had just bought vehicle from auto auction so have to let it run more and try again.

Did get ahold of previous owner and they said it was like that for a couple of weeks before they traded in...sooooo....may just have to upgrade to touchscreen model....:bouncy: