: A Visit With D3 Research & Design:

Gary Wells
08-25-09, 06:38 PM
On Monday, 08-24-2009, I had a chance to stop by D3 Research & Design after work & chat with the gentlemen there. James, Dr Design, I presume, met me at the door. The shop was very professional, neat, & uncluttered. James advised that they expected to have the lowering springs on the market and available for sale in possibly as little as a month. James told me the expected drop in metric but that it would equate to approximately 3/4" in the front and approximately 1" in the rear, which would slightly reduce the rake our cars have. I, unfortunately, forgot to ask what the price would be for a set. I did look at the pulley set and it is a beautiful set. The hard anodizing comes out with a satin black appearance and beautifully machined. James said the the set reduced the weight approximately 5 lbs. compared to what the factory set weighed in at.
I am hoping to be able to have the D3 Research & Design crew do a base dyno, motor tune, tranny tune, & a re-dyno down the road in the very near future. I am sure that James will chime in here as necessary and answer any questions that may arise. HTH

08-26-09, 05:09 PM
Thanks Gary. Good post.

Regarding the lowering kit.

Did James allude to the car's magnetic ride not, be affected when using this lowering spring?

Any compromises...plus's and minus mentioned in the conversation?

thunder gray
08-26-09, 05:18 PM
Hey Gary great post, you answered a few of the questions that I have. Take care and keep us posted.