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08-25-09, 12:34 PM
Okay LT1 guys, quick question:

With which cam can the biggest theoretical performance gain be seen if installed into an otherwise stock LT1 engine?

08-25-09, 03:50 PM
You really can't go bigger without at least changing valve springs. Upgrading the springs and rockers is pretty much a must do with anything bigger than the stock LT1 cam. The stock springs are barely adequate for the small amount of lift from the stock cam.

You really need to think about what the use for the car will be. Some cams will give you amazing top end, but aren't much use if you aren't going to spin to over 6000rpm. A better cam will really need at least a set of headers to optimize flow. A cold air intake would be good too. Of course, a serious cam will really benefit from ported heads. Any cam will require reprogramming the PCM.

So, there is really no easy answer...

I think the best answer is... don't change the cam. Change the valve springs, and go with 1.6 ratio Crane Pro Magnum roller rockers. This will give you a nice boost in power right away. And, then, you are all set for a bigger cam down the road...

08-25-09, 06:12 PM
Okay, PCM, springs, cold air intake it is. I'm very excited to be picking up my Fleetwood tomorrow. What is the most power I can reasonably expect from springs, pcm, cam, without doing anything more like changing the heads - what are your recommendations? Your help is greatly appreciated.

08-25-09, 06:23 PM
Hate to say it, but I left out the main things that will add to the performance: higher stall converter and deeper rear gears. Any serious cam upgrade will really need these done.

With springs, rockers, and tuning, you could be close to 250RWHP. The right cam will put it over 300.