: Key info help

08-24-09, 04:23 PM
Just bought a 06 and it had no remotes (just got them and they programmed for free) and a single key (like a 2 dollar one off the shelf at KMart). I can drive it with this no chipped key what does the chipped ones do that this can't???

08-24-09, 04:24 PM

08-24-09, 07:27 PM
2006 and under escalades don't have a chip in the key. Transponders (passlock III) are used in 2007 and up, those won't run with a regular Kmart cut key that turns the ignition switch! The passlock II system in our trucks has a resistor in the ignition switch, so it doesnt matter what kind of key turns the ignition, as long as the barrel is actually there and the correct resistor value is seen by the ECM as the starter is activated. I got a cadillac key off ebay cheap and cut myself to match the one I already had.

08-25-09, 12:05 AM
none of us have chip keys....

08-27-09, 07:16 PM
I dont feel safe with this thread floating around.. =(

08-27-09, 09:02 PM
All "PassKEY" variants have a chip of some sort in the key. The PK3 system has a RF transponder in the key while the PK2 system had an actual resistor.

The "PassLOCK" system used in Escalade uses a sized magnet in the cylinder and a special pickup to identify tampering and the correct part as it rotates.

The way to remember is that Pass KEY relies on the key, and passLOCK uses the lock cylinder itself.

Passlock is fairly good for theft deterrent but it is not as effective as PassKey for obvious reasons.
Regardless, if they want it they will get it.