: Upgrading center console sub in 02-06 EXT

08-24-09, 02:44 PM
Looking to upgrade subwoofer in center console of 05 Cadillac EXT. Has anyone done this upgrade and what subs did they consider? Doors are upgraded with 6.5 high end Infinity reference speakers.
Thanks in Advance

12-29-10, 08:45 PM
Good question but... dont think anyone has the answer. I want to the same. I dont want the midgate box, just want one type-r 10'' but have no were i can fit it would be nice if it could fit in the console but then again i could see alot of problems with the vibrations with our cheap plastic dashes.

12-31-10, 04:05 AM
One more looking to upgrade the sub.

Old Guy
12-31-10, 02:02 PM
trying to find an 8" sub that is compatible with our OEM amp is going to be near to impossible... the OEM sub is low wattage as are the door and rear speakers. No manufacturer out there makes sound quality type speakers that require little power to perform, sad but true. It always about more power = better sound, which isnt really the case but its the way the popular majority wants it.

And honestly because of this I wouldnt even bother trying to mess with it anyway, your not going to get the bass response your looking for without sacrificing some space in the back and using a regular box/sub combo to produce the lows your really looking for.