: 1994 Cadillac STS aftermarket install

08-24-09, 01:16 PM
Hello everyone I am new to these forums and looking for information on replacing the stereo in my 94 sts with a gold bose system. I want to install a Sony model cdxgt230. I have done many searches and I've only found threads about replacing the speakers, amps everything but I only want to replace the head unit so I can use the aux out for my ipod and play burned cds. If anyone has any step by step instructions I can use or point me to a thread that has them it would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

08-25-09, 09:19 PM
i just did the swap, you will need a metra harness 70-1857 to be able to change the stock bose h/u. if you have a console shifter then you will need the metra install kit 99-2002. the swap isn't bad, just running the harness from the trunk to the dash. the only problems im having is i need two ground loop isolators and when i play a cd it wont play any sound over the bose speakers so i dont know if i have to run the speakers wires from the new h/u to new speakers for when i play a cd.