: Tail Light Problem

08-24-09, 08:50 AM
I have a 2003 escalade; I was walking around the truck the other night and the right rear tail light started to flicker, then it went out. Flashers and Reverse lights work, bulbs seem ok, and it's only the right rear side of the truck.

Any ideas?

08-24-09, 08:44 PM
alright, found my problem, does anyone have a part number for this panel? or distribution block? I have no idea what GM would call it.

it seems that water was sitting inside the clip; the problem is that 2 of the 7 pins inside have rotten off and I cant connect it otherwise unless I splice the wires.

This is located in the passenger side rear bumper.


08-25-09, 09:29 PM
GM service manual refers to this part as the rear lamps junction block. Huuummm wonder how much that's gonna be?


Thanxs for the update on the solution. I still find its not a very good spot for so many connectors. I checked mine not long ago, altho they were covered with crap and mud, after a good cleanup all connectors inside are spotless. Let us know how much this is.

09-22-09, 10:43 PM
Curious...how much was that part. seems I may have the same problem with the same year vehicle lol

09-23-09, 09:24 AM
Went to Chevy today for tranny update and inquired about this lighting part.
Part Number 02694/ 15304995 "block" PRICE $38.93 list and they have it in stock.
Checked mine, and the block seems fine, there is no power to the block for that left side brake.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

09-23-09, 10:36 AM
I'll post the wiring diagram for this junction block later tonight if that can help.

09-23-09, 12:46 PM
THANKS VERY MUCH!!!! You are really very helpful on this site. Much appreciated.


09-23-09, 07:26 PM
No prob! This site does make Cadillac ownership a lot more pleasant (and less co$tly too!)! Here's the wiring diagram for the junction block for the rear lights.


06-06-10, 01:21 PM
Thanks for the info this was my problem had rotted off pins my right tail light is getting water in it and it ran down the harness I guess I will try to seal the tail light with silicone get new distro block and hope it helps

06-11-10, 12:28 PM
When i replaced all my connectors I packed the new panel with Dielectric grease which is a NON-conducting grease that seals out moisture and
therefore prevents corrosion on electrical connectors

06-12-10, 09:46 AM
Good tip on the dielectric grease. I've been using that stuff for years on my VW's to prevent electrical gremlins, and eveytime I unplug something on the truck, I add some just in case. Cheap insurance.

06-06-14, 12:53 AM
would it be possible to repost the wiring diagram for the rear brake lights? Very much appreciate it.. or even just let me know what colour wires for
right side break light, including right side tailgate brake light.. 2002 escalade. Thank you very much