: navigation stopped working - help

08-24-09, 01:13 AM
I had to have my car jump-started by AAA today and afterwords the navigation stopped working completely. The screen doesn't turn on, the door chime doesn't work, nothing. I'm afraid it got fried b/c of the jump. Any suggestions?

BTW- I have an 00 STS with the the DVD navigation retrofitted in

08-24-09, 02:45 AM
Sounds like a fuse to me. Check your radio fuse first and then also you may have to take the radio out and see if the installer also put an in line fuse in as it may have popped. I have an aftermarket screen in my 2000 STS and to retain chime you must use a module in which the chime comes from. So if both of these are out it seems most likely a fuse on the same circuit.

08-24-09, 06:31 AM
Disconnect the battery for 5 mintues then reconnect it.
That is fairly common on those. They don't like to have dead batteries.
If the battery goes dead and you jump start it those often suffer from "logic lock".
Cycling the battery power should restore normal operation.

08-24-09, 12:49 PM
This post to another radio/nav situation should give a hint.


data class loss
you broke the connection and remade it
hence why i said check the fuse
glad all is well"

08-24-09, 08:56 PM
thanks for the advice. I removed the fuse for a minute or two and then put it back in (which effectively was the same thing as disconnecting the battery). Thankfully this fixed the problem and the navigation works perfectly again. I had no idea that the logic module would shut the thing down.

Also, for some reason now when I lock or unlock my car with the remote it for some reason causes my garage door to open and close. Any ideas?

08-24-09, 09:26 PM
Glad to hear you got the radio reset. Sometimes they just go stupid and quit working.
A power reset usually fixes them.

I don't see how your GDO could be doing that.
You sure your neigbor isn't messing with you?

08-24-09, 10:32 PM
im sure. I tried it like 15 times and it kept doing it if i pushed either lock or unlock. Just went out to the car to go to dinner and it stopped doing it. Hopefully it stays that way.