: Electrical Mods

07-26-04, 01:16 PM
I got to thinking about all the little electrical mods i've done on my friends 93 Coupe Deville, and was wondering if anyone else did something along the same lines, or had different cool ideas. Heres some of what I did:

Digital Dashboard
4 Headlight conversion (all 4 lights on with the high beams)
Remote control stereo system (RF keyfob can turn the system on from a distance, IR headunit remote will have a range extender soon)
Window Lockout switch (not the most useful thing on a coupe) converted into subwoofer control
...and a bunch of other little things.

Some plans are installing a fuel door release, Making the subwoofer control automatic, so the amp does not turn on until the car is running (with the window lockout switch acting as a bypass) and tying the express down window into the keyfob.

So what are your electrical mods, or ideas you want to implement in the future?

07-27-04, 12:11 AM

Added a "Car is Leveling" light in the RH Information center with a center from a 1990 FWD.
Changed the Window Lock switch for a Cruise Control switch from an earlier car, because the cruise switch has an additional indicator.
Added the two other horns from the factory 4 horn setup (all different tones)

Fantom Infinity
07-29-04, 05:13 PM
Is it hard to do the headlight conversion? That's the first thing I thought of when I read the title of this thread and was wondering how to do it. Is there some sort of wiring harness?

07-30-04, 11:59 AM
It's really not all that hard. You need some wire, a relay, and some crimp on connectors. Splice into the low beam +12v wire, and connect it to the normally open pin on the relay (most automotive relays, pin 87) Then run the wire from a fused 12v source to the common pin on the relay (pin 30) Splice into the high beam +12v wire, and run that to one of the coil pins on the relay (pin 85) Ground the other coil pin (pin 86) Now when your low beams are on, they are wired normally, but with the high beams on, they trigger the relay, which takes the fused 12v source and feeds that to the low beams. This setup throws MUCH more light, and is definitely a worthwhile mod. I put the relay by the headlight itself (used a sealed relay) you could probably mount it under the dashboard right at the headlight switch if you would like. Good luck!

07-30-04, 12:54 PM
I have plans to add a digital temp and tach to the car. Bout it on my new 96 Fleetwood.

08-04-04, 03:31 PM
Added a hood ornament alarm too.

Regarding the tach, where are you putting it? Gauge pod?

08-04-04, 07:33 PM
Cool stuff, Dave. Wanna come over & meet "Aubergine" ?
I95 to Rt 1 to Garden State Pkwy to exit 148

08-04-04, 08:35 PM
These are just thoughts at the moment.

Doors: Shaved handles, wired into an alarm remote.. one button for each door. Inside the car would be a button instead of a handle.

windows: Have a touch screen monitor in the center with auto programmed posistions..drop the windows 45% in the back, 20% in the front etc. The would be converted so they roll all the way down in the rear.
(The monitor would also have various menus and screens)

Move that damn gas relase button over to the drivers side, the glovebox is an awkard place for it. Remove all cigg. lighter outlets.

ridepro.com has a cool ass suspension kit, but they have everything already modded. (lower vehicle at key off, raise at key on) would be nice to wire this in with remote start. Car starts up, Raises off the ground.. parking lights flicker and door swings open -- stereo already banging.. {drool}

The fog lights and headlight conversion would be nice too.

Thats all i have for right now, sure i'll think of others though. Besides the normal Audio / Video .. heh, am i a dreamer or what

shadow already has the fleetwood, damn that was fast. How do you view it.. a luxo cruiser or speed demon?

08-05-04, 12:18 AM
Heh, not too far off what i'm thinking with some things... I already have the stereo at the push of a keyfob, subs pounding and all. I'm working in tying it in with the express down window as well. I've been toying with the idea of cutting the knob portion of the cigarette lighter off, and installing it on a subwoofer gain control, and mounting it in the existing cigarette lighter spot.

Sandy, that would be awsome! I may take you up on that...

08-07-04, 05:53 PM
lmao dave, you car sounds like a fire hazard to me.. i'd reach over to roll down the window, the trunks gonna pop open, wipers go on.. stereo starts playing really loud -- ha ha. I just saw on another post that you have 68 deville i think it it was.. are you doing the mods to keep it stealth and OEM looking? or a totally diff. car.

08-08-04, 10:12 PM
Mods are on a '93 Coupe Deville. I have plans for mine too, don't worry.... ;) I'm picky too, it MUST look stock. Nothing too radical, I even have a test version done with a spare headunit. I took apart a faceplate, and soldiered all the pins to a legenth of wire, and did the same thing to the headunit. The faceplate will be mounted on the sun visor as flush as possible, and the rest of the headunit will be tucked up above the glove box. Already have the provisions for a rear stereo (2 6x9s) and am working on a hidden way to get two front speakers in there somewhere.

08-28-04, 02:26 PM
Regarding the Digital Dashes in particular.... http://cadillacforums.com/forums/showthread.php?p=150912

I believe I have two available now, Any interest, let me know i'll pull the mileage and put them on auction.

I may also be able to get a "Car is Leveling" equipped Information center should anyone be interested. The 4 ligts are "Car is leveling" "Trunk" "Service Air Conditioning" and "Fasten Seat Belts" (So you may not want this mod if you have traction control, no "Traction Active")

Anyone interested in how to do any of these mods, or have any ideas for new ones? Heres my list so far....

Digital Dash Conversion
4 Headlamp Setup (Low beams stay on with Hi beams)
Keyfob to turn on headunit, regardless of ignition position
Window lockout switch removed, replaced with earlier Cruise switch in same location, and wired up to Subwoofer remote wire
Fuel Door release
"Car is Leveling" light in RH Information Center
4 note horn setup
Hood ornament alarm

The leveling light was an interesting one, apparently the compressor runs a lot more with the ignition on, we just never heard it.

Any one know how Cadillac gets the fuel doors to pop open, let me know. Right now you have to hold the release, and push on the fuel door. Theres a spring somewhere, but I couldn't find it.

If anyone would like pictures, let me know.

08-30-04, 12:27 AM
Post a picture of the Info center with the car is leveling. I just wanna see how it looks wish those lights.

08-30-04, 01:44 AM
ill check into the fuel door for ya, i know it gets the power form the same circuit as the trunk release. energizes a solenoid and releases the latch. will get tthe wire colors and all that good stuff tommorrow

08-30-04, 11:12 AM
Wire going from switch to trunk is pink. The weird part? Even though this car never had it, behind the glovebox is a taped up pink wire, with the correct connector on it! Don't know where the other end is though, since it looks like it never made it as far back as the trunk. The other problem is the fuel door on the non auto release cars is set to sit flush with the car, not pop open. Currently since the latch mechanism is installed, you have to pop the trunk, hold the manual release, and open the door by pushing on the opposite side of the latch. Running a wire doesn't bother me, but its kinda pointless to wire it to a button in the glovebox when you have to manually open it anyway.

I'll try to get that pic up soon, Part is from a 1990 FWD if your interested, believe an 89 will work as well.

08-30-04, 06:02 PM
Here are some of the pics. I have a movie with the keyfob, but I'll post that later.