: 2002 6.0 Bad Muffler? Baffle? Exhaust Vibration Saga and Possible Corsa Upgrade

08-20-09, 08:53 PM
The last part of the exhaust buzz/vibration/moan/whirr/resonance saga...

After having the O2 sensor replaced and heat shield welded to no avail, I am left with the intermittent exhaust resonance at 2,500 to 3,000 rpm (only this range). It still occurs with the AC on/off, transmission P/N/D/3/2/1, and engine cold/warm.

I took the truck to a muffler shop today. When the owner pounded on the front part of the muffler (toward the engine), he noticed that the muffler was dented and hollow sounding whereas the back was firm (did not bounce and pop when he banged on it). He mentioned that the front part reverberating and popping could be the source of my noise since the inside baffle may have disintegrated, so I am seriously considering upgrading to a Corsa Touring system 14221.

Has anyone ever had a bad muffler on these cars? Is the Corsa a good move at this point or should I look more carefully at the cats to be sure they aren't bad before going forward?

08-21-09, 12:24 PM
Not sure about your muffler, but I LOVE my Corsa Touring System!!

08-21-09, 12:45 PM
You gotta go Corsa Sport. It's the only way to go.

08-21-09, 06:13 PM
Corsa seems like the only viable replacement option...but I just want to be sure something else isn't wrong with my car before the 1200 $ upgrade.

08-21-09, 07:17 PM
DO NOT pay 1200 you can find them for a lot cheaper. Shop around

08-21-09, 07:29 PM
It's 1195 $ installed...by a really premier customization shop...I figure 200 $ labor even though some have found 100 $...plus 1000 $ parts...is this about right?

08-31-09, 06:44 PM
Corsa rules!! I have the Corsa touring and i love it!

08-31-09, 08:35 PM
I got my corsa sport 14220 off fleabay brand new for $310US, worked out to $500US shipped here (Canada). Install is very straighforward (afternoon of easydoesitwork) and I loooove the sound. I kept checking of ebay for deals, put a watch on your ebay profile, makes the job easy...