: info regarding supercharger bypass valve

08-20-09, 11:30 AM
hey fellas

sorry for the small request but iv searched everywhere and couldn't find a pic or some piece of info regarding the 2008 sts-v supercharger bypass valve, could any techies around here post a pic for me or mind explaining where i could find this valve.

my car running on stock tune is giving crazy boost readings

gear one from zero the boost indicator guage goes up to 60-70%
gear two shows 70-80% and drops to 50-60% as the rpm's go up
gear three screams 100% up to 4000 5000 rpms then goes down to 50-60% gradualy
gear four fluctuates anywhere between 100% and 50% usually climbs to 100% then goes down to 50% and up to 60% then suddenly a 100%
gear five same thing

and all of this is also felt and not just seen as the car was hardly reaching top speeds on this long highway trying to reach 260 kph

with jesse's tune i see 50% max boost thruout the gears and gradually goes down to 30%

called up jesse and was told to check the superchargers bypass valve and make sure nothing is affected there so i hit up my laptop and google the hell out of anything regarding the valve and all i can find are pics of the 2009 cts-v engine showing every small detail about it and nothing for the sts-v

any pic would be a great help even info on how to reach that part, on which side, how to get to it, anything would help

thanx a lot in advance for any kind of help

Dr. Design
08-20-09, 01:32 PM
We use to install a manual bypass valve for the supercharger bypass. Now we have found a way to tune it out of the vehicle. Check with your engine tuner and request that it gets tuned out.

The are a couple different bypass valves you might be referring too. One of the physical bypass valve burried in the supercharger. There is a cable that runs along the bottom side of the blower and comes up around the snout of the blower. This is hooked up to a spring type valve controlled by vacuum and boost. I will have to see if we have any old images of this on our server. Since your vehicle uses a variety of electronics the computer is controlling how much boost you are seeing in each gear. Again, the easiest way to address this is through the tune....

Dr. Design
D3 Cadillac