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08-20-09, 09:48 AM
I was approched by several people that requested that I find them a good performance plug wire that will hold up to turbo heat, big power and will last without falling apart or the ends pulling off.
And they had to be affordable.

I'm proud to introduce Firecore50 plug wires to the Caddie community.
These are serious heavy duty race wires but will work great on daily drivers as well.

Firecore50 wires are what a bunch of the big boys run, ProMod, outlaw, Nascar and even top fuel cars run them.

Sorry guys but these wires only come in black, no custom colors and no group buys.
This deal cost me a chunk of coin to put together and the dealer agreement was no group buys.

The wires are $105. plus shipping
A set of metal OEM type heat sheilds are available for $12. if you need a set.

The plug wires can be purchased on our web site

Here is the Firecore50 web site so you can snoop around a bit.

Here are some of the details about the Firecore50 wires.

Features of Ignition cable:

50 ohms of resistance per foot
100% Kevlar constructed base core
Consistent ohms rating throughout wire
Ferrite molecular compound used to absorb RFI/EMI
Copper/Nickel alloy winding used for superior current flow.
3 1/2 feet of copper/Nickel alloy wound into EVERY inch of cable
High temperature silicone FIRST coat used over core
High tensile strength fiberglass sleeving bonded to the dielectric layer of silicone
ULTRA high temperature / High tear resistant outer jacket bonded over the fiberglass sleeving

Features of Boots & Terminals:

All boots are heavy wall constructed
Extreme 650 spark plug boots available for application specific wire sets
100% Stainless steel terminals used on all Spark plug ends. Even the "Secure Snap-Lock" rings are stainless steel.
All Stainless Steel terminals feature a DUAL CRIMP, core and insulating jacket crimp

Features of Assembly:

Wire sets are cut on automated equipment to ensure accurate lengths in EVERY set
ALL boots are assembled by hand. This ensures absolute accurate indexing of the terminals in each boot.
All terminals are press-crimped to ensure a consistent crimp, every time
Each lead is hand tested for proper ohm reading before put into the box



09-02-09, 12:05 PM
How's this for real world testing.

Here are some intalled photo's using the optional heat OEM type heat shields



Did I mention Firecore even makes coil packs.. FireCore coil packs on a 3200 hp Procharged Brad Anderson Hemi




09-02-09, 05:09 PM
Is that $ 105 a set, or $ 105 for one wire.

09-02-09, 05:11 PM
Is that $ 105 a set, or $ 105 for one wire.

It's for the complete set.


09-02-09, 05:15 PM
It says wire(s) so that leads me to believe for the set.... but I could be wrong.... These could be the Krell or Bang and Olufsen of the ignition wire industry so could be just one.... who knows..

09-02-09, 05:24 PM
Nope, I assure you it's for a complete set.
I would edit it the post but there is not edit button for me on the first post, why is that?...